RASK Attorneys-at-Law brings together the best the Estonian legal space has to offer – unique professional experience, impressive specialists and modern business services.

Our team possesses the best specialist know-how in addition to ambition, wisdom and youthful energy.

It is precisely this combination that has enabled RASK to swiftly develop into a law firm to defeat many of the well-known old legal advisors in Estonia more often than they would care to admit.


The most important thing for us is to reach the result our client actually needs.

Contrary to the common myth, in most cases legal assistance does not involve lengthy legal analysis or costly representation in court. Good legal advice is more often about achieving the best possible business transaction or protecting one’s rights in a conflict situation.

Our task is to find the most effective and profitable way to achieve the client’s objective.


Time might prove to be one of the most important factors in legal assistance. That is why we always act without delay, and stick to the long-term framework agreed upon with our client.

The client must obtain the best possible solution to their problem, which is why our specialists are ready to react quickly and effectively. The client’s initial enquiry receives a qualified reply within one working day.


Legal assistance is a regular business service, not a luxury commodity. Reasonable fees for high quality work forms the elementary basis of a reliable partnership.

Our time-based calculations are always transparent and do not include artificially inflated costs.

If the volume of the work can be precisely estimated, we offer the option of a price estimate for specific services.

Rask Advokaadibüroo


Long-term co-operation presumes clarity and trust in relationships.

All our clients are provided with an attorney responsible for their legal matters, and who is supported by top specialists in their respective fields in the performance of different tasks.

The client can be assured of the fact that the attorneys and lawyers providing the service are top experts in their field. They are fully committed to their work, and can also be reached at any time suitable for the client.