Märt Rask

Administrative and constitutional law

RASK’s unique administrative procedure and constitutional law team is managed by Märt Rask, the former Minister of Justice and former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Estonia. He is supported by the former director of the legal department of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Villy Lopman.

This unique combination of experts enables RASK to offer its clients not only the best service on issues related to constitutional law and constitutional matters, but also exclusive legal advice.

RASK’s constitutional law team is especially strong when analysing and litigating constitutional matters. For instance, RASK has raised constitutional questions in the field of taxes (e.g. excise duty on packaging and land tax) and other areas (e.g. in a dispute between the state and rural municipalities over the payment of environmental fees).

RASK’s administrative law team is also a strong partner in the field of state-funded legal assistance. In 2014, the Estonian Bar Association elected Rask as their only cooperation partner for state-funded legal assistance concerning public law. In less than a year, RASK has represented clients within the framework of this tender in more than a hundred administrative matters. This includes disputes with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, the Estonian National Social Insurance Board, the Police and Border Guard Board, as well as with local governments.