RASK consults client in the Pere food group criminal case, a highly public case that has lasted over seven years.


RASK defends Rein Kilk and Kaie Kilk, council members of the group’s parent company, and Neeme Raig, a member of the management board, in a large-scale criminal case in which the members of the parent company’s governing body were charged with establishing a subsidiary and transferring property to it, thereby causing the insolvency of the parent company.

The ongoing dispute has raised a fundamental question about the legal nature of a group and, more specifically, whether a 100% non-monetary deposit to a subsidiary reduces the assets of a parent company and in which cases.

For a long time, Pere AS food group was one of the largest food processing companies in Estonia, comprising the Pere bakery, production of Werol rapeseed oil and various meat factories and catering providers. The group went bankrupt in 2012.