Family and Inheritance

RASK consults clients on all matters related to family and inheritance law, also having expertise and experience in resolving cross-border disputes in the field.

Field information

In family law, our primary focus is on helping clients reach agreement. However, RASK is often a sought-after representative in very difficult disputes – for example, over child custody and living arrangements – both in and out of court.

RASK advises clients on issues related to divorce and property division. In inheritance law, RASK has helped clients in making testamentary dispositions, contesting wills or succession contracts, and dividing estates.

Head of Practice

Head of Practice – Siret Saks.

Siret is a legal adviser with extensive experience in both civil and administrative court proceedings, having represented clients in over 400 court disputes. In disputes with the state, Siret has also represented clients at the European Court of Human Rights.

She is a highly valued representative in complex court disputes thanks to her rich and diverse background in family and inheritance law. Siret’s experience includes representing clients in highly sensitive and time-critical disputes with the state, achieving outstanding results and favourable judgments for her clients, including in the Estonian Supreme Court.