Environment and Planning

Field information

RASK’s extensive expertise and experience with a variety of legal issues related to the environment and planning is the reason why RASK lawyers are valued partners in legislative reviews for ministries, development activities for entrepreneurs and spatial planning for local governments. RASK’s clients also include various environmental and civil society organisations.

RASK consults clients on local planning issues as well as large-scale energy and infrastructure facilities of national importance – from railways, aviation and mining to the development of the largest onshore and offshore wind farms and solar parks in Estonia. For larger projects, RASK lawyers partner with clients from the initial conception (including issues related to environmental impact assessment and approval) to the final realisation of the project, as well as resolving legal issues related to daily operations. RASK attorneys represent clients in court disputes and often litigate on their behalf in cases reaching the Supreme Court.

In addition to entrepreneurs, RASK consults many local governments (including the municipalities of Viimsi, Harku, Elva and Luunja), environmental organisations and civil society organisations (including the Estonian Fund for Nature, Estonian Forest Aid, Estonian Ornithology Society and Ihaste Residents’ Union). Thanks to their extensive experience, RASK’s legal experts are also valued partners for ministries and professional associations.

Head of Practice - Villy Lopman

Villy Lopman is one of Estonia’s foremost legal advisors in the field of planning, especially in matters involving negotiations with various authorities and court disputes with the state.

Villy has wide experience in consulting local governments. He also often represents planners, civil society associations and various interest groups in their relationships with local governments and the Environmental Board, and has assisted ministries in mapping legislative conflicts.