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One of the best ways to learn, is to follow the ancient habit of humans - hear others speak. And at RASK we witness first hand, how amongst our own clients there are many, whose stories and experiences are as golden as the ancient habit itself.

So we decided to do something rather "out of the box" for a law firm and kick off a series of online talks to share the stories of our clients. Below you will find (and we´ll keep adding) interviews with some of the leading CEOs and innovation leaders in Estonia, opening up frankly about their mistakes, inspiration, professional guidelines and reasons to keep going - whatever life may throw at you.

Honest introspection. On skill and failure.
No advertising. No bullshit.

Urmo Aava | Director of Rally Estonia


Urmo Aava is the Director of Rally Estonia, organizing the first ever official WRC round in Estonia. In the interview Urmo shares his takeaways from his own career as a word-class rally driver in combination with the philosophy behind Rally Estonia, that has enabled the event to achieve global spotlight.

Short glance: How it all started?

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Argo Verk | Head of Sales at Ridango


In this episode Argo Verk shares insight to secrets of scaling and some trully timeless leadership advice for IT companies. Argo is the Head of Sales as well as board member at Ridango and has helped this innovative, award-winning smart transit solutions provider grow into a global force on the market.

Priit Kongo | CEO of Net Group


Net Group is an Estonian new generation software development and consultancy firm which has done a remarkable job in gaining traction on a global scale. In the interviews for RASK Talks, Priit Kongo, the CEO of Net Group shares the most valuable lessons he has learned being a frontrunner in exporting to the African market. He also shares his personal experience on how to bounce back from failures and keep going when the times are hard.

Short glance: The black swan theory in export

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Risto Mäeots | CEO of Magnetic MRO


In 8 years Magnetic MRO, the Estonian based aircraft technical maintenance and asset management company has grown tenfold, become a global player with high reputation and also been awarded as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Estonia.

In the interview for RASK Talks, Risto Mäeots speaks openly about the challenges, the controversies associated with innovation and the cornerstones of his management style. He also shares his method on how to reboot during difficult times.

Short glance: How to grow as a leader?

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