Criminal Proceedings

RASK criminal law experts specialise primarily in protecting clients in proceedings related to tax and white-collar crime.

Field information

RASK has time and again shown the courage to take on controversial criminal cases where other law firms have considered it impossible to deliver, achieving acquittals in complicated court disputes.

As a result of the effective work of the RASK criminal law team, the Supreme Court has been forced to review and reformulate several right-of-defence guarantees that are essential for the objective results in criminal proceedings. For example, RASK’s contributions can be found in constitutional jurisprudence related to the need to conclude criminal proceedings within a reasonable time limit and securing the defence with effective challenging opportunities concerning illegal surveillance.

Head of Practice

Head of Practice – Ramon Rask.

The team is led by partner Ramon Rask. Also heading the corporate and M&A team at RASK, Ramon has a sound understanding of how detailed and nuanced sector-specific arguments influence the defence.

In addition to extensive practical work, Ramon has published several journal articles on penal law, including on criminal liability in the event of company division in Juridica International.