20.03: RASK’s interrogation techniques workshop for law students

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20.03: RASK’s interrogation techniques workshop for law students

On 20 March, RASK Attorneys-at-Law and the Estonian Law Students’ Union will conduct a workshop for law students interested in criminal procedure.


Andrei Svištš, RASK’s Co-Head of Criminal Proceedings, and Villy Lopman, a partner at the law firm, will host a practical workshop for University of Tartu law students, who will get the chance to hone their skills in protecting clients’ rights in pre-trial investigations.


Far from only having a formal role in criminal proceedings, the defence must demonstrate a proactive and layered approach in dealing with the client, the investigator and the file. Various techniques and methods that are essential for a lawyer in this process will be analysed and tried out during the workshop.


Rask is a law firm with extensive experience in complex economic crimes and criminal proceedings. The law firm is currently acting as defence counsel in several high-profile criminal cases, such as those involving the Port of Tallinn and Swedbank.


The workshop is based on the EU-wide NETPRALAT criminal law training programme, which was put together by leading European criminal procedure consultants in cooperation with experts in psychology and social sciences. Attorney-at-law Andrei Svištš has carried out the extended version of this training method twice before for criminal law specialists of the Estonian Bar Association.