26.10: Panel discussion with fund managers – when does „green“ become an actual factor in the investment decision?

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26.10: Panel discussion with fund managers – when does „green“ become an actual factor in the investment decision?

On Wednesday, 26th of October 16:30, RASK will hold a panel discussion with investment fund managers at GreenEST Summit and dive into the subject of sustainable financing. 

It is obvious that money has colours. It has been dubbed „green“ for decades, but that reference has been there for reasons other than the purpose of sustainability. Today, things are changing. The introduction of the ESG criteria, the growth of ethical and environmental standards of the investors, money does consider where it is going and money does consider its impact. And it favours green. In theory at least.

How does the sustainability factor relate to existing investment policies, how do investments make their targets more green and ethical? What is the actual work process in evaluating what is green and how to make things greener yet? This workshop shall open up the viewpoint of the investors.

Moderator of the discussion: Timo Kullerkupp - RASK Head of Tech and Finance

  • Karl Järvsalu - SmartCap investment manager
Karl is an Investment Manager responsible for fund investments at SmartCap. SmartCap manages €100 million Green Fund, from which we aim to make several investments into funds which focus on innovative green technology companies, as well as our own direct investments into green technology companies.

The business model of green technology companies, especially the ones with non-software focus, are generally more time-consuming and less attractive for investors. For this reason, the state has an important role in improving the accessibility to capital and incentivizing the private investors to coinvest. The Green Fund has a mission to help ambitious and innovative green technology companies to grow out of Estonia and help them compete on global scale.

  • Henri Treude – Spring Capital managing partner
    Henri is the founding partner of Spring Capital. Spring Capital is a fund manager investing in seed stage startups as well as growth equity opportunities.
    We are a small fund with very few local LP-s and thus we operate based on good conscience and common sense. Future of the environment is nonetheless important to our team.

  • Allan Gaidunko - Private Equity & VC portfolio manager at LHV Asset Management
    Allan Gaidunko manages private equity and venture capital portfolios at LHV pension funds. His main responsibilities include building relationships and finding investment opportunities in the private markets, where sustainability principles are quickly becoming a must-have element of successful fundraising and due diligence.
    Allan is also a member of the management board at Estonian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, where his primary mission is to develop the local private markets and introduce our region to foreign investors. At LHV we aim to improve and promote business activities that pursue sustainability principles, and expect the same from our business partners when we make investment decisions.

The panel discussion will be held at GreenEST Summit.
GreenEST Summit is the flagship green innovation event that brings together public and private sector experts, cleantech companies and investors from all over Europe to discuss how to accelerate the inevitable green revolution! 

The event as well as the panel discussion will also broadcast live on the WorksUp platform for its online attendees!

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