Andrei Svištš

Andrei Svištš is one of the most acclaimed new-generation criminal law experts in Estonia, specialising in the field of white-collar crime. Andrei mainly represents clients in litigation and often acts as an adviser in large-scale and complex criminal cases, many of which have unfolded with significant attention and pressure from the media (for example, the criminal case of the Port of Tallinn, the court dispute in the criminal case of Pere AS etc).

Andrei has advanced his skills and qualifications in the pan-European NETPRALAT training programme in criminal law; he also represents clients at the international level, cooperating with colleagues abroad, and works as a trainer in the methods of modern criminal procedure for his colleagues at the Estonian Bar Association.

Since 2015, Andrei has played a leading role in all of RASK’s major criminal cases, many of which have led to precedent-setting court disputes in the Estonian legal system.

Andrei is a member at the Professional Suitability Committee.