Märt Rask

Märt Rask advises clients in diverse legal matters, which mainly concern the public sector. Märt’s undisputedly unique experiences and widespread knowledge in public sector mechanisms, as well as in public and private sector co-operation, make him a distinguished expert in this field in Estonia.

Although Märt is an attorney by calling and profession, he has had an extraordinary chance to take part in the drafting of the constitution of the Republic of Estonia, as well as the legal system of the newly independent Estonia.

Having served as the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Chairman of the Constitutional Review Chamber of the Supreme Court, Märt is one of the most experienced legal practitioners in the field of constitutional review and defence of the fundamental rights in Estonia. Märt has also participated in the development of countless laws as a member, a leader and an expert of the work groups as well as a Minister of Justice.