RASK advises the organizers of The Global Hack worlwide hackaton.


When times are hard, one should focus on solutions. This is why RASK volunteered to assist the organizers of The Global Hack with legal help.

Within just a number of days, the brilliant team of The Global Hack managed to mobilize over 12K people from across the world to participate in the worldwide hackaton, aimed to figtht the global crises.  During the 48-hour hackaton participants from 100+ countries worked on 500 life-changing projects, with a fleet of world-class brainiacs, including Sam Altman (CEO of OpenAI), Jeff Hoffman (Chairman of the Board of the Global Entrepreneurship Network), Toomas Hendrik Ilves (former President of Estonia) and Garry Kasparov (Former Word Chess Champion) leading the tracks and mentoring the teams. The hack was covered by global media platforms such as Forbes, CNN, Silicon Republic and others.

RASK partner Timo Kullerkupp was the legal adviser to the event and
attorney Karl Erik Esko
 participated in the hack with a team of young specialists.