RASK consults Estonian Food Bank on legal matters.


RASK provided pro bono consultation to the Estonian Food Bank on various matters relating to procurement.


RASK attorney-at-law and procurement specialist Keidi Kõiv helped the Estonian Food Bank to fully analyse their business activities, in order to assess the legal need to define the organisation as a contracting entity, which would subject the charity to a series of new requirements. During the process, the current and future activities of the organisation, the amount of public funds involved and the best options for lawful and efficient management were examined.

Keidi also assisted the Food Bank during the recent state of emergency, consulting the organisation on options for implementing special rules in the procurement procedure for the acquisition of essential food supplies.


The Estonian Food Bank helps people who have difficulty purchasing everyday food for themselves. Today, more than 300,000 people in Estonia live in absolute poverty or at risk of poverty. At the same time, large quantities of good-quality food are often left over at supermarkets and manufacturers. The Estonian Food Bank helps distribute surplus food to people and families in need, thereby also contributing significantly to the reduction of waste.