RASK consults the sale of Compensation.app to international headhunting app MeetFrank.


Karl Erik Esko, co-head of technology at RASK, advised the owners of real-time salary data tool Compensation.app in the sale of the 100% shares in Compensation.app to international headhunting app MeetFrank.

MeetFrank OÜ is an Estonian head-hunting app which enables hundreds of recruiters to connect with skilled candidates from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Pakistan. Following the acquisition of Compensation.app, it will provide real-time information on salary expectations for the jobs for which the candidates are applying. MeetFrank integrates AI tools to automatically create job descriptions and outreach copy for job postings.

Compensation.app is a real-time salary data tool connecting with human resource information systems in order to provide high-quality anonymous salary data to companies and recruiters.