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RASK consults on one of the largest transactions in the fuel market in recent years.


On 19 February 2018, the Estonian Competition Authority announced the decision to grant Alexela Group a license to acquire shares in the fuel company Euro Oil. As a result of the transaction, Alexela is now the largest fuel franchise company in Estonia, consisting of 100 petrol stations, 31 of which have shops.

RASK represented Euro Oil in the sales transaction. Attorneys-at-Law Ramon Rask and Timo Kullerkupp assisted clients in drafting the transaction documentation as well as negotiating with the buyer.
In addition, RASK’s team advised Euro Oil in negotiations with the Estonian Competition Authority to reach an agreement for the transaction.

Euro Oil AS, founded in 1997, is a fuel retail and wholesale company based on Estonian capital. The Euro Oil franchise had 24 petrol stations, of which 22 were automatic. Starting from 2 March 2018, Euro Oil’s stations belong to Alexela.

Alexela Oil AS belongs to Alexela Group. Alexela Oil had 78 petrol stations, 24 of which have shops. After the transaction, Alexela now has 100 petrol stations. Being the oldest petrol franchise in Estonia, Alexela employs more than 150 people across the country.