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RASK consults Viljandi Hospital on new public procurement procedure.


At the initiative of Viljandi Hospital, the Ministry of Social Affairs conducted a new public procurement procedure: the pilot project aimed to produce a comprehensive analysis of the county’s requirements for healthcare and social services, make strategic decisions based on this analysis regarding the spatial requirements of Viljandi Health Centre and Hospital, design and construct a new building, organise staff development and IT development. Among other things, the pilot project had to define the needs of residents in order to ensure convenient and logical access to services, to optimise the service provision process, avoid duplications, and as an end result to ensure better and more even accessibility of health care services.

RASK advised the client during the preparation of the pilot project procurement and the compilation of the procurement documents. Such a procurement has not been held in Estonia before, which is why the work required considerable and substantial analysis, precise mapping of the client’s requirements and clarity in formalising the procurement documents.

For the sake of risk management, tenderers were required to submit international references for the methods used for each stage of the implementation of the project. The bids were evaluated using a comprehensive approach – in addition to the cost (30%), the evaluation also focused to a great extent on the description of the project implementation process (40%), but also on the team members’ experience in the field of comprehensive management consultation within the healthcare system (15%) and the optimization of business processes (15%).

As a result of successful advice from RASK, this complicated new public procurement and the fulfilment of the contract were carried out without any disputes.