RASK defended client in in Port of Tallinn Case


Harju County Court delivered an acquittal in the criminal case involving the Port of Tallinn that came to public attention in 2015. The court acquitted the defendant represented by RASK of all charges brought against him and ended the criminal procedure. The court found that, contrary to the prosecution's allegations, the board members of the Port of Tallinn did not act as officials, and furthermore, the statutes of limitations would not allow to continue with the proceedings.
RASK's attorney-at-law, Andrei Svištš, who represented the defendant, added: “The County Court heeded the defense and resolved the charges in the manner that the defense had argued since the allegations were made. The prosecution had presented an unfounded, confusing, and evidently misclassified charge. It is unfortunate that the client had to wait nearly nine years for a court decision to reach this conclusion. Hopefully, the prosecution will reassess its working principles and avoid trial-and-error procedures in the future. Nevertheless, we are pleased for the client, as this is a significant interim victory."
More details about the case can be found on ERR's portal: https://bit.ly/Tallinna-Sadam-Kaasus